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Mannys Sauces, a company based in Surrey producing a range of high quality and upmarket cooking sauces, marinades, table sauces, Piri Piris and more, is celebrating the launch of its ‘all new’ ‘MannyNaise’, a new type of Egg and Mustard Free Mayonnaise for those with egg and mustard intolerances as well as for the Vegan community.
We are really very proud of this new, smooth and tasty product, that will be extremelly helpful to those with the above intolerances.
This new product, was already shortlisted for the Free From Food Awards 2018.
This ‘MannyNaise is entirely made with vegetables and virgin Olive oil, making this the healthiest Mayonnaise available on the market and ‘Banting diets’ friendly as too.

Manny Goncalves, the founder and director of Mannys Sauces, is a well know ‘Sauceologist’, creating and making sauces since 1985. He is known for his big dream in life that was to open the first piri piri chicken restaurant in the world. He did this in 1985. He was the original founder of ‘very well known’ multinational chain of restaurants up to the day that the rug was pulled from underneath his feet and he had to leave the well known company. He is today following his new dream of taking Mannys Sauces to the level that it deserves.

“Our mission is to make awesome sauces so that Parents can quick and easy make healthy and tasty meals for their children, keeping them heathy and happy, so that they can have wonderful dreams for their lives”

* Good product. This must be the original product they are famous for.. Does not sit on the fence… Like it a lot. British QFAwards Judge

* This is one of the more Authentic Piri-Piri’s I have ever tried. Very Hot and has a nice Sharp citrus note. This is a good price.This Sauce will give you that Mule kick you are wanting if you like this sort of thing. British QFAwards Judge