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Launched in 2010, is now inviting high quality Sponsored News Posts from clients to reach their target audience quickly and convincingly. At the same time, the press release submission site welcomes video releases to be included in their network.

New Delhi, INDIA – A sponsored post helps draw the attention of a large segment of readers, willing to access high quality content for their knowledge and more importantly as a food-for-thought. New Delhi based, is now offering a dedicated space on their homepage for clients who have some eye-opening story to share with their audience.

“We will allow only a limited number of Sponsored News Posts on our website every month, besides a number of press releases that appear on our website on a daily basis. Clients have to follow a strict guideline, while trying to publish the post on our site, and every piece of content will be reviewed by our editors, before approving it for publishing, states Arnav Anand, who is the Founder of

According to him, a sponsored post could be related to anything, such as an event, activity, a person, or an organization and even products or services. With a significant Alexa ranking and a momentous traffic, has emerged as a popular platform to publish stories and get the eyeball. This is the reason why the website has decided to offer a dedicated space for clients to feature their sponsored posts that will have some news value for readers. Anyone can pitch their story via email in order to get it published on their website.

Besides sponsored posts, is now accepting video news releases as well to be featured on their website. The site has become the first press release platform in India to allow video news releases to be distributed through them. In the recent times, the importance of a video has been established as a valid marketing & PR tool, and thus a video release on will allow everyone to approach their target audience in an illustrative and convincing manner.
They generally consider newsworthy videos of one-minute length that is related to some recent announcements. “There are several video publishing platforms, like YouTube, but our aim is to provide clients with a platform to share their specific videos that have some news value, and quickly promulgate their new ideas and innovations,” states Namita, the Video Editor of the company.

Besides publishing videos, now also offers the services of video creation for clients who want their video release to be created quickly and syndicated online. They have a creative team to conceptualize the story and create a result-driven video for clients.