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Kaysville, UT/2018: It is best to get legal guidance on concerned matters to avoid any future implications. If you are looking for legal assistance regarding issues related to revocable living trusts, estate planning, real estate, personal injury or business law, King & King has your back. The firm has been serving clients in Kaysville by providing them legal assistance for more than 80 years. The seasoned attorneys of the law firm possess adequate experience to protect your legal rights.

The Attorneys

The attorneys at Kaysville, UT based law firm, Felshaw King and Scott B. Dopp are thoroughly experienced full time attorneys with law degrees from prestigious institutes.

Legal Services Offered

• Revocable Living Trusts – The lawyers help their clients create revocable living trusts to outline handling of their assets when they are no more or are physically/mentally incapacitated. The revocable living trusts comprise of documents such as Living Will, Declaration Of Trust, Quit Claim Deed (real property) etc.

• Estate Planning – Upon contacting the law firm, clients are provided with an informative brochure. They can also schedule a free consultation for more information on estate planning.

• Real Estate Law – The attorneys specialize in issues related to sale and purchase of properties. They represent their clients in real estate ventures and help them with issues such as drafting a lease agreement, assisting in disputes with a landlord, formulating security agreements, cancelling contracts, evicting tenants etc.

• Personal Injury – They provide legal representation to their clients in the event of injury caused by negligence of another party. Also, they protect legal rights of their clients and help them get compensated.

• Business Law – Attorneys provide assistance in matters related to business such as laws of partnership, bankruptcy, company law, handling employee disputes, preparing and negotiating contracts, intellectual property law, minimizing tax burden etc.

For more information on legal assistance provided by the attorneys at King & King, feel free to call at (801) 543-2288 or pay a visit at 330 N, Main Street, Kaysville, UT 84037. You can also log on to