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“G-Suite” as one of powerful SAAS OA solutions on the market, which offers a cloud-based set of productivity office work tools that equip teams to ideate, communicate and create efficiently and effectively despite geographic barriers. However, to access G-Suite service in China is really difficulty due to some reasons locally, which makes those G-Suite multinational corporation users are suffered from that during their daily works. And the most of these companies choose by using VPN network as the first workaround option for handling this big headache problem.

Although VPN solution can help them to access G-Suite service well, but it cannot help to address all problems caused by Chinese network. For example, sharing file to others in China. File sharing issue makes a big trouble when daily collaboration works with their local business partners, especially for sharing big size file that cannot be done by email way. Meanwhile, coming with new increased network performance requirements because of business expansion and development in China, the cost of VPN network becomes an uncontrollable growing monster. So “how to control higher and higher network cost?” and “what is the possible solution for G-Suite Information Island in China?” become next challenges to manage for them.

NextCont, a big surprise gift, may offer a new choice for those G-Suite users to work in China. Technically, NextCont works different comparing with VPN solution to address G-Suite China problems, after checked with their technical teams. Decentralized technical architecture has been designed to ensure services of NextCont can be deployed on multi-nodes both in China and overseas through multi-clouds international service, in order to deliver high performance of service connection with Google Cloud and data exchange with G-Suite by real time. NextCont has a self-built office work suite named “NextOffice Cloud Desktop”, which includes a set of tools to work with five main G-Suite office work features: Gmail, GDrive & GDocs, GCalendar and Hangouts. Since these tools are designed and integrated deeply with G-Suite OAuth and each feature APIs, which supports NextOffice Cloud Desktop to offer a highly similar user experience to work as G-Suite does. In a nutshell, NextCont rebuilds a brand-new frontend by fully integration with G-Suite services on the back, which means all data stored on G-Suite with no change but accessible in China.

NextCont provides not only NextOffice Cloud Desktop for basic office needs but also some added-value and innovated solutions for G-Suite China usage such as NC Sharelink, NC Cloud ID, NC Cloud Print, NC Cloud Scan, etc.

NC Sharelink is a solution which allows shared files from G Drive can be accessible by internet in China. It also supports file access level control by following same settings in G-Drive. This solution will great help on collaboration work, especially for companies who have many business partners locally. Additionally, the solution mobile version has been integrated with some strong local mobile work tools and IM work tools such as Tencent WeChat.

NC Cloud ID, NC Cloud Print and NC Cloud Scan are solutions for OA printing part, which allows physical multi-functional printers can seamless work with G-Drive directly via NextCont services. And it means roaming print & scan to cloud and office serverless become possible.

Although NextCont does not cover full function features in G-Suite such as G+, it still is an interesting option that worth to try in China. NextCont clients are available to download for x86, Mac, IOS and Android versions.

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