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Every TENS pad user knows the hassle when the TENS unit pads lose their stickiness. If you don’t have premium quality TENS pads like SantaMedical, Gurin and others then your problems might start even before they relax your muscles. But whatever is the quality the adhesive is doomed to go into oblivion. But a few things could be done in order to bring back the stickiness. It is a lot easier though to just try to prolong their life.
The methods that you can use to increase the stickiness of the gel are:
1. Wipe with a Damp cloth: The first reason for loss in stickiness is accumulation of dust and oil from your skin on the pads. Wiping with a dry damp cloth will remove it.
2. Use an Electrode gel: Spray the electrode gel on the pads and rub the pads together to regain its stickiness. you can easily find these gels on Amazon.
3. Get new pads: New pads should be used after few months depending upon the usage. Remember to buy pads with Premium Gels as they stick for longer like SantaMedical Electrode pads.
Apart from these some home remedies can be done in order to expand the life of your pad’s adhesive.