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The simple definition of a headshot can be a photography technique where the focus of the photography is a person’s face. Headshot photography might seem to be a simple project for a photographer. You might think, a photographer only needs to worry about the person’s face, eyes, and maybe their shoulders.
Well, this is not true, headshots are more complicated that you can imagine.
Here are few methods when implemented correctly results in a great headshot photograph:
1. When taking headshots, it is important to focus on the eyes. Eyes are believed to be the window of the soul. Hence, capturing sharp and crisp eyes in your shots can make a great difference between an ordinary headshot and a professional headshot. Eyes should be captured in a powerful way that draws the viewer into the photo. This will establish a strong connection and speak volumes.
2. It is all about angles when it comes to taking outstanding headshots. When it is a woman in the subject, focus on making the eyes appear larger and face delicately by shooting down on them. In case of men, the emphasize strength and achievement by shooting slightly up.
3. When taking close up shots, the skin becomes the central feature. It is very important to show the skin without any blemishes. This is achieved by using diffused light that helps in bringing definition along the lines without highlighting blemishes.
4. Implement the use of hair light. A hair light can be placed above or behind the subject to add depth to the shot and keep the focus on the head.
5. Use the right lens to capture amazing headshots. Avoid using mid to wide lens while capturing close headshots. Using a lens that compresses the image and slims down the subject’s face is an appropriate lens for a close headshot.
6. You must also be able to guide the expression on a subject’s face to match the purpose of the headshot. As a photographer, it is your job to pull out the most natural looks from your subject.
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