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How often has it happened that you’ve had to urgently go on a business trip and as a result, you’ve found yourself fidgeting across various websites to either book a flight ticket or book a hotel room for yourself? If your response to that question happens to be, “Many a time”, a Corporate Travel Portal is just what you need to plan a more organized and hassle-free business trip.

From booking flights to booking hotels, sightseeing packages and even cars for local commute, a Corporate Travel Portal is an online booking engine that stores (corporate) travel related information in entirety. This includes information pertaining to domestic as well as international flights, hotels, cars, cruises and even packages to employees of a company. In simpler words, such a portal provides completely customized and globally accessible travel management solutions to clients and also offers a plethora of travel resources.

It would certainly not be an exaggeration to state that these portals encompass almost everything a traveller needs (or might need) to access while traveling worldwide. Moreover, in the long run, these portals, by cutting short the time and the surcharge of using agent assisted reservations, increase the efficiency (individual as well as operational) of the end user. A Corporate Travel Portal truly empowers the corporate traveller of the modern day.

As regards the advantages that a company can have by using such portals, we would like to clarify that, the advantages are twofold. First off, these portals make for the most convenient and efficient platforms needed by any client to book their travel. Secondly, the aforementioned fact helps you build your business successfully i.e. a company can take full advantage of business expansion as well as reinforcing their current client relationship, all this while strengthening your brand, enhancing customer service and improving business performance.

Almost all corporate travellers would agree that the most peculiar part of a business trip is booking hotels that fit within the stipulated budget while offering most of the modern essential amenities. Do you want to cut short on your search for a portal that has tie-ups with a number of B2B and B2C online hotel reservation sites across the world? If yes and if you happen to be searching for a B2B travel website that aggregates and delivers a straightforward and effortless hotel reservation system, RoomsXpert might be the best choice. It enables users to book hotels in over 85,700 cities in more than 190 countries across the globe. Only RoomsXpert can let you afford the opportunity to choose from over 1 million hotels worldwide. Last but not the least, it presents the most cost-efficient options, thereby bringing forth numerous ‘value for money’ properties that tend to remain undiscovered otherwise.