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Relationships are complicated to deal with. The uncertainty and fear of the unknown can make us act irrationally, or it could prevent us from making any action at all. Whether it’s breaking up with a partner you’ve been with for a while or feelings for your ex that return at the worst possible time, it’s hard to get a grasp of our true feelings.

Professionally Curated Relationships Advice

My Relationships Center is an online site dedicated to helping you deal with all of the relationship conflicts in your life. From overcoming a breakup to getting your ex back, we specialize in offering you real advice that can help you deal with a variety of different issues with your love life.

We’re a growing website that already has dozens of reviews and tips for anyone who is going through a tough time with their partner or spouse. We have sections on how to get back with your ex, the “no contact” rule and also how to get over a breakup.

We also have a reviews section that is dedicated to examining many different books and paid services that promise to help you with your relationship. From books about getting your ex back to books about making up with a love in your life, there are many resources out there on the internet. Sadly, many of these resources are pure scams that won’t help you. They’re either written by unqualified authors or they’re full of lies and random nonsense.

To help you distinguish between the good and the bad, we make it our duty to review all of the eBooks out there that promise to help with your relationships and we grade them depending on the quality of information we see.

The Magic of Making Up

Recently, we reviewed The Magic of Making Up, a book by T. W. Jackson that is focused on helping you make up with someone that you’ve broken up with. We go in-depth about T. W. Jackson’s past and if he has the right credentials to talk about break-ups and relationships. We also discuss the possibility of the book being a scam (a problem which is sadly still rampant in this industry).

In the review, we cover many of the pros and cons to T.W. Jackson’s relationship advice that is written in the book. We make sure to approach the book from different angles in order to give you a complete overview of it. We go into great detail about each chapter of the book, explaining why we think the steps are easy-to-follow and meaningful, or if they’re a waste of time or questionable.

Finally, we end with our recommendation; a quick summary that concludes everything we’ve written in the review. All of our opinions are our own to ensure a quality and unbiased review.

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