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Its commonly accepted that thermal imaging of electrical equipment can present safety hazards and be very time consuming.In addition this activity provides far from comprehensive risk mitigation due to intermittency, planning and access issues. From a safety perspective it often necessary to remove covers from electrical enclosures to expose components for inspection, also exposing personnel to life threatening hazards. With the development of many online monitoring technologies there is little reason to continue with this practise. PyrOptic is a revolutionary idea that can eliminate thermal imaging and the associated risks.The new design also allows installation in locations that are technically impossible to monitor using infrared techniques.

The new PyrOptic system is comprised of multiple PyrOnodes all linked together by a continuous length of plastic optic fibre or POF. Temperature is monitored at each PyrOnode for the life of the asset. If the temperature at any monitored point exceeds the set limit, feedback is provided of the impending failure allowing planned response to address the issue. PyrOptic has the ability to provide comprehensive coverage to effectively manage risk both practically and economically. It can protect all kinds of electrical assets, from switchboards and switchgear to oil immersed transformer connections and those found in rotating electrical machines. PyrOptic is a monitoring system that has been optimised for electrical connections which are actually inherently reliable, it’s just that there are so many of them! It leverages the mechanism of permanent disruption to signal hazardous yet uncommon events, a unique feature that results in huge benefits in terms of economy, reliability and scalability. Furthermore, due to unique features of the PyrOptic design it has a practically unlimited voltage range, opening the technology up the majority of applications.

PyrOptic offers the most reliable, economical and distrubutable fiber optic temperature alarm for electrical connections in the market. Our PyrOptic system consists of one or more PyrOnodes linked by a continuous length of plastic fiber optic (POF).To know more info please visit our website at