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It is frustrating for business owners when they put all their resources into the business, but only a few customers turn out in the end. Perhaps there is traffic on the website and visitors are browsing through pages, but they don’t make a purchase. Perhaps it is time for live chat optimization, meaning investing in chat solutions and in training agents. Luckily, artificial intelligence and conversational commerce is available.
There are many advantages from integrating live chat support on a website. It substitutes the shop assistant that greets customers and help them take a decision on what to buy. Once the potential customer enters the website, he/she can be greeted and invited to join the chat. Visitors are more likely to convert into actual clients, because they receive assistance and they are pointed in the right direction. It happens in many cases for individuals to have questions or to want to know something fast, without looking all over the website. When there is a live chat agent available, they will respond and make sure to give the appropriate answers.
Many companies lose in front of competitors because of poor customer service. No matter how good products or services are, if customers are not happy with the service or feel they are not treated right, they will leave everything behind. Personalized customer service is a great solution, especially personalizing the greeting message or adding the agent’s photo. Response time is another key point. It shouldn’t take agents too much time to answer questions, as visitors will soon leave the website and not purchase anything. Many of them prefer chatting and writing messages in the hope that someone will respond faster.
Integrating post-chat surveys is another tool worth considering. This way companies can find out valuable information, including what customers think about the company, the products or services, how their conversation with the agent went, if there are any complaints and such. These are all part of live chat optimization, as there are many powerful tools available and it is essential to make good use of them. Competition is fierce in the online environment and if there are solutions to win in front of others, why not make it happen. If customers are happy with the shopping experience provided, they will come back and buy more, even recommend the brand to others.
The effectiveness of the chat can be tracked, meaning monitoring the support team’s results. There are performance statistics that provide valuable information, such as how many chats the agent had, how quick they provided answers and how many chats ended positively, when customers made a purchase. Of course, agents require training to provide a positive experience and artificial intelligence and conversational commerce offers the right solutions. An expert uses advanced algorithms to check the quality of the chat and train agents from all points of view.
Do you want to convince more visitors to become regular clients? Don’t hesitate about artificial intelligence and conversational commerce ( that offers the best solutions. You can include live chat optimization ( among your company’s objectives.