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Altitude storage is the largest open storage facility, situated in Cape Town with 65000m square open secure storage space. This company is well-known for providing short or long-term industrial storage requirements fulfilling all the needs of the clients. They have the good reputation in storing various kinds of industrial equipment like Turbine Components, Generators, Containers, Abnormal Trucks, Large Steel Reels, Anchors, Storage Tanks and Steel pipes and many others heavy industrial items. They also offer secure parking for trucks and trailers overnight or long-term purposes.

The large storage space, situated on the opposite side of Atlantic Sand dunes is totally secure and the space is regularly used by the film crews and by the event organisers for corporate events. Some of the beneficial services provided by this company are discussed below:

Industrial Storage
Altitude Storage is one of the largest personal and commercial storage facilities in Cape Town. The company is able to provide quality services to both the public and private clients. The storage space of altitude storage is easy to locate and it offers secure storage space and container storage. They offer storage facilities for:-

  • Container Storage and Stacking.
  • Pipes, Tanks, Anchors, Wire Ropes or any other items
  • Truck and Trailer Storage
  • Industrial Equipment Storage
  • Construction Vehicles and Equipment Storage

They offer industrial storage space on a day-to-day, monthly or long-term rental basis.

Altitude storage provides secured parking space for trucks and trailers and construction vehicles. The storage space provided by the Altitude Storage is the ideal place for overnight parking when you have to travel by truck or you need to carry abnormal or bulk of loads. The parking services offered by the Altitude Storage facility are discussed below:-

  • Parking of trucks and trailers
  • Parking of Abnormal loads using R27 or N7 Route
  • Parking Trailers, Boats, Caravans or Cars

They provide parking solutions on day to day basis or for monthly or long-term purposes. The parking space is secured with convenient parking location.

Film Industry
Altitude Storage provides an uncompromised storage solution to the Film Industry fulfilling their space-related needs. Whether it is the film crew base camp or holding of equipment, Altitude Storage provides sufficient space for all kinds of requirements.

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Altitude Storage is the largest open storage facility, situated in Cape Town. It provides all kinds of storage-related solutions serving the personal and domestic needs.

1 Tom Brink, Road, Atlantis Industrial
Table View, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: 082 771 2091