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Lots of people have labeled and categorized these “hoverboards” differently, anything people give them a call, we wish to highlight that the hoverboard is really a self balancing scooter. At Vecaro we feel that they are not only a transportation device but they’re additionally a ornamentOr wearable technology.

As part of the Vecaro Team I’m supplied with a number of hoverboards. I personally use my hoverboard to commute to locations that are extremely lengthy just to walk to but way too short for any vehicle ride. When I ride my hoverboard round the city I recieve Lots of attention onto it, as well as the truth that I usually match my self balancing scooter to my outfit, people always appear to inquire about me concerning the hoverboard out on another mention other things I’m putting on. Whether I’m putting on the most recent YEEZYS, Apple Watch, Beats by Dre earphones, people appear to continually compliment my Hoverboard probably the most. We wish to submit the concept these boards can be viewed as a way accessory.

Once we expand our Brand we’ll getting in various items that will compliment your way of life, we wish to keep fashion and magnificence among our Brand’s styles. Please tell us your feelings in regards to a self balancing scooter being categorized as productsOr wearable technology.