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Entretien 640 is one of the top cleaning firms in Quebec. With some of the best staff employed in the region and with the more than 20 years of experience behind their brand name, their name is synonymous with great work and decent prices. The company has built its reputation by hiring the best professionals and keeping their customer services at the highest levels. Not only do they stand out for their quality but for the way they treat their customers. The customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high and given their proficiency in the business, this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Without charging humongous sums, these are by far the best the city has ever seen. With many frauds also working in the area and charging the unfortunate house owners amounts which they definitely should not be paying. The employees from Entretien 640 have great experience with any kind of situations like cleaning windows, carpets, roofs and are proficient in solving any problems which might arise in record time and in the least costly way within their realm of possibilities. The company is known for their great customer care and their out of this world customer satisfaction coefficient. The company believes in an old fashioned approach where the cleaners not only come to solve problems but to communicate and educate the customers so that problems of this kind do not arise in the future.

Another matter this Quebec Cleaner company is known for is their superior quality services which leave customers satisfied and their houses good- looking to go for years to come. Their portfolio is a prof of their professionalism. There potential customers will be able to find the previous works the company has undertaken. The portfolio comprises the best works of the Cleaners from a period of more than 20 years. The company takes big pride in its work and believes it is the main reason for which new customers keep coming for great services.

About company:

Entretien 640 is among the top companies to offer high class cleaning services in Quebec. They are undisputedly the favourites among the whole lot of companies who offer similar services. Their great experience and professionalism of the staff lets them stand out from an otherwise huge crowd and attract the best customers in Quebec. Among those the company lists huge companies and big house owners.

Company: Entretien 640
Address: 46 53e Avenue O, Blainville, QC, Canada