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This year, the 2018 range of Bird Tables from Riverside Woodcraft is much improved over previous versions. Riverside Woodcraft have produced a number of new designs, removed some previous ones, and amended their existing range of bird tables. The result is a range of tables that are perfectly suited for all types of Birds, budgets, and garden environments. The build quality has remained extremely high, and all wood is FSC graded and treated with environmentally friendly preservative. This ensures good weatherproofing and longevity.

Keeping the environmentally friendly theme in mind, the Slate Roof range is still manufactured from a recycled plastic instead of natural slate. These mimic the appearance of natural slate but has a much lower carbon footprint and makes use of recyclable materials. They also include designs that you won’t see in your typical Garden Centre, such as multiple feeding tables, ground floor feeding, removable panels and cages for easy cleaning, open topped bird tables, and more.

Each one of the bird tables are available with or without a stand. So, if you have an existing post fixed securely in the ground, the Riverside Woodcraft tables can be fixed to the top of this. Alternatively, you can affix them to trees, or other suitably strong platforms. It’s not advisable to fix them to fences, although some of the smaller table range are purposely designed for this purpose.

In addition to this, Riverside Woodcraft can still produce custom Bird Tables for those that require something a little special. Tables are made to order for any size and design.

Alternatively, you can choose an existing design and have it altered to your specifications.

It’s not just Bird Tables that Riverside Woodcrafter are known for. Their range of Hedgehog Houses is well known and respected, and the Nest Boxes are rapidly gaining popularity for their high build quality, competitive prices, and excellent designs.

The new 2018 designs build on an already excellent range of wildlife supplies. Later in the year, there is a new Garden Bench and Furniture range coming, along with items such as planters and ornaments. Their range has also now been expanded and distributed through trade partners, alongside existing channels such as their own website, ebay, and Amazon.

All in all, Riverside Woodcraft has established itself as one of the premier manufacturers of high quality woodcraft for Wildlife and Gardens and are going from strength to strength.

Company: Riverside Woodcraft
Address: Unit 1 Elford Low Farm, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 9BJ, UK
Phone: 01827 250410