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Our company has contributed to the automation of mass production lines such as the car industry, and the enhancement of production technology by developing pneumatic clamp cylinders (registration of design at the Korean Intellectual Property Office, 117514) for the first time in Korea. We are proud that we have localized the products that have been completely imported until now.
I would like to thank you for supporting us for the last 20 years. We promise that we will continue to do our best to develop technologies and products by introducing new technologies and accumulating our technologies.
We supply various pneumatic devices and tools for the shipbuilding industry (electric pump, hand pump, jack, cleaning equipment, etc.) by developing them by ourselves, and many of the devices and tools are exported to foreign countries by our customers.
In addition, we indirectly participate in R&D and now material development by developing and supplying various high-pressure test equipment that use water pressure, oil pressure, air, gas, and other types of pressure, which are required for quality enhancement and the safe testing of various products. We are also doing our utmost efforts to localize various test equipment and parts by successfully developing an IMPULSE TESTER for first time in Korea.
PSV Test Equipment
· Adoption of compact design
· Maximum test pressure: 300 bar
· Air and water pressure test available
· Testable size: 1/2 “-12”
· Application of 3-axis clamping system
1. Test Fluid
· AIR: Up to 200 bar
· WATER: Up to 300 bar
2. Testable Specifications
· 1/2 “~ 12” Flange type PSV (12 “or more is requested from the head office)
· 1/2 “to 2” screw type PSV
3. Clamping jig
· Clamping capacity: 40 tons
· 3 axis, fast and efficient piston load type automatic clamping application
4. Safety
· Built-in safety valve to prevent excessive pressure rise
· Equipped with safety screen to protect operator from pressurized test

5. Major components
– Air Driven gas booster & Liquid pump
· Pressure regulating valve
· Gas receiver
· Stop valve & Drain valve
· Analog gauge & Digital gauge
· Stainless steel tube & fitting
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