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Carpet and Vinyl flooring are becoming popular floor choices day-by-day. It is because of the amount versatility that carpets and vinyl floorings offer. Considering the number of choice options that both carpets and vinyl flooring offer, it is easily acclaimed that they are one of the best flooring option both for homes and businesses currently.

We at Flooring Distribution Sacremento offer luxury vinyl plank flooring in Sacramento and heavy discounts on carpets in Sacramento. We believe that vinyl and carpets could be your floor’s best friend and let us tell you why:

1. Advantages of vinyl plank flooring

* Vinyl plank floorings are 100% moisture resistant. This makes vinyl an ideal flooring solution for moisture rich places like bathrooms, kitchens, and attics.

* Vinyl are reinforced with commercial grade wear layer and fiberglass.

* Vinyl can be installed on any floor and even uneven floor.

* Luxury vinyl flooring tiles can also be glued down to the floor that may be appealing to many home owners.

* Since vinyl flooring affordable, durable and do not come with a heavy price tag, they are ideal for busy spaces without a price tag of an authentic wood.

* Unlike hardwood or hard surface flooring, the maintenance of vinyl flooring is very low.

2. Advantages of carpeting

* When a carpet is applied to a room, it provides a feeling of comfort to the entire room.

* You can satisfy your home aesthetic needs with a carpet. Carpet comes in thousands of different colors, textures, and cuts. A right carpet choice for your home can send positive vibes to people visiting your home or business.

* Carpets provide insulation, hence, they can help cut down on your electricity bills. Additionally, carpets are also good insulators against sound.

* Carpets eliminates most chances of an injury occurring from a slip. Even if an individual falls on a carpet, the injury sustained will not be as severe as that of a hard floor.

* Carpets can trap allergens, dust and contaminants in them and prevent them from becoming airborne.

We sell carpets and luxury vinyl at wholesale price on all styles and materials, so you get the carpet and vinyl of your choice at an incredible price.

Visit our website and check out our carpet collection. If you are looking for a Sacramento carpet store, Flooring Distributor Sacramento has got you covered.