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Sentosa celebrates its biodiversity and wildlife by offering visitors a tour of its 26 protected Heritage Trees.

[SINGAPORE, 21/3/2018] – Sentosa is offering visitors a chance to get to know its Heritage Trees with a free monthly tour. The tour is connected to the National Parks Board’s (NPB) efforts at promoting the conservation of trees and wildlife against increasing urbanisation through its Heritage Tree program.

The Heritage Tree Program

As a small island nation, Singapore is especially vulnerable to the consequences of uncontrolled urbanisation. The Heritage Tree program is part of the National Park Board’s efforts to conserve Singapore’s mature trees. The program protects selected trees by law. The nomination process is based on two criteria—a trunk circumference of more than five metres, and if the tree has any cultural, botanical or aesthetic value. Singaporeans can nominate trees for the Heritage program through the NPB’s website, after which a panel of judges deliberates on the final decision.

Sentosa’s Heritage Trees

Singapore currently has over 300 heritage trees, and 26 of them are found in Sentosa. The island contains a vast amount of rare flora and fauna that are often hidden to the average visitor. Sentosa’s mangroves possess a highly diverse ecosystem, thanks to its position as a landing point for migratory birds coming from Indonesia and surrounding regions. The largest and most thriving patch of the rare, native bakau pasir tree, for example, is found on Sentosa.

Among the native trees found on Sentosa is the Tanjong Tree, which can grow up to 20 metres; the Leban/Malayan Teak, an evergreen that can grow 30 metres; and the Common Pulai, which can grow up to 40 metres.

Because many of the species that grow on the island are nearing extinction, the exact location of some trees is kept secret in order to protect them.

The tour takes place every last Saturday of the month, from 10 am to 11 am at the Imbiah Lookout.

About Sentosa

Sentosa is the leading resort island destination in Asia. Located just 15 minutes away from the city, the island is home to an array of tourist attractions, including beaches, museums, and themed attractions. Sentosa routinely attracts around twenty million people a year and continues to be a pioneer in the tourism industry.

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