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New Mangalore Port is the only port out of 12 major ports in Karnataka state which was declared as 9th Major Port on May 4, 1974. The new Mangalore Port is artificially created by dredging in lagoon type harbour with a long approach channel.

The port comprises three dock systems viz. Eastern Dock arm, Oil Dock arm and the western dock arm; it has in all 15 berths. The maximum draft available is 14.0 m at some of these berths. The port is approached through a 7.5 km long channel with water depths in the outer channel being 15.4 m and that of the inner channel being 15.1 m. The Port has a total land area of approximately 822 ha and water spread area of 120 ha. The Port is connected with 3 National Highways which are NH-66 connecting Kochi – Mangalore – Goa – Mumbai, NH-75 connecting Bangalore – Hassan – Mangalore and NH-50 connecting Mangalore – Shimoga – Chitradurga – Bijapur – Sholapur.

New Mangalore Port is connected to the Indian Railway Network through Southern Railway, South Western Railway and Konkan Railway. The Railway Marshalling Yard at Panambur, inside the New Mangalore Port, is a part of the Southern Railway. This is connected to the Konkan rail network at Thokur providing access to Mumbai via Coastal Karnataka and Goa and to the South Western railway at Kankanady providing access to the Karnataka heartland and Bangalore and Mysore via Hassan and to Kerala through the southern railway.

New Mangalore Port has 3 docks which are Eastern dock arm, Western dock arm, Oil dock arm. The eastern dock arm has 7 berths. Out of these, berth 1 is a shallow berth with a draft of -7 m CD and is used to handle general cargo and passenger vessels. General cargo is handled in Berth 2 & 3and is having a dredged depth of 10.5 m. Oil dock arm, POL products are transported through pipeline for MRPL and other oil firms. This berth is designated for handling Iron ore for Kudremukh iron ore plant and has a capacity of 6.6 MTPA for importing iron ore and exporting pallets. The port has storage facilities, in the form of an open storage area and closed storage area such as warehouses and silos. Storage facilities comprise of covered storage area in the form of transit sheds, warehouses and open storage area and tanks for liquid cargo area.

New Mangalore Port is connected to the Indian railways network through Southern, South Western and Konkan railways. The marshalling yard located on the northern side of the port at Panambur is operated by the Southern railway. Within the secured port boundary there is only 1 rail line (Line 4) running parallel to the boundary wall extended to the dead end of berth 1 to 7 and there are no rail tracks in use on/ for any of the existing terminals. This line is utilised for loading of coal and limestone.

For the development of port, the port would provide the berthing facilities and storage area while the concessionaire shall develop the top side facilities, equipment for handling the cargo. The estimated investment for mechanization and development of the backup area of 25 ha would be around INR 469.46 crores.

Rahul Mehra
(Maritime Expert)