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One of the facilities of Leighton Hall, Lancaster New City’s community center, is the activity center. Land Estimate wrote a comprehensive review of LNC’s activity center.

[PHILIPPINES, 3/9/2018]—Leighton Hall, a community center at Lancaster New City in Cavite, has various facilities to help Lancaster residents enjoy life to the fullest. One facility assessed by Land Estimate in a review is the activity center of Leighton Hall.

Leighton Hall Activity Center: An Overview

Lancaster New City developed the activity center in Leighton Hall to help promote closer ties among residents. The center serves as a hub for gatherings and is available for residents and guests.

Additionally, the activity center features a covered multi-purpose court situated close to the residential phases. Residents will find that the center has a sound system, lights, and basketball hoops.

Reviewing the Activity Center of Leighton Hall

Land Estimate, an informative website offering authoritative insights on real estate developers in the Philippines, wrote a review on Leighton Hall’s activity center of Lancaster New City. One of the things it mentioned in its review is that the place is huge compared to similar amenities in Cavite. The center has more space to wander around compared to a conventional basketball court.

The informative site also stated that basketball is not the only sports people can play at the activity center. Given that the center functions as a multi-purpose court, residents can do other types of sports like badminton, tennis, and volleyball.

Apart from serving as a sports venue, the activity center functions as an events place. This makes the venue ideal for recreational gatherings, such as concerts and parties.

Land Estimate, in its final verdict, saw the Leighton Hall activity center as a fresh sight in spite of the center’s similarities with other covered courts. The durable benches, as well as the superb lighting, give the center an edge when compared to other courts.

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