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IPM Pest Control helps properties establish an economical rodent control program. Its efficient approach to pest control is a long-term solution to rat problems.

[DELRAY BEACH, 03/09/2018] – IPM Pest Control has the solution to the giant rat infestation problem taking over Florida. Though the problem often booms during the fall and winter months, the company helps eradicate the unwelcome critters with its comprehensive rodent control services all throughout the year.

Giant Rodents in Florida

Mutant critters are invading Florida, and it is causing a major rat infestation problem. The Florida Wildlife Commission has, in fact, issued warnings that the rodents can weigh up to four pounds and be about 30 inches long to encourage residents to stay safe and exercise precaution.

Ron Magill, Zoo Miami Communications Director, says that these giant rats do not necessarily pose a threat to human health. They can, however, cause significant destruction to property since they love to dig burrows.

Comprehensive Rodent Control Services

IPM Pest Control is a pest control company in Florida that offers rodent extermination solutions. Its professional services can control rat problems in high-risk areas and eradicate colonies and infestations. The company conducts a thorough and efficient approach successful against all kinds of rodents and wildlife.

The rodent control programs it offers include:

• Tamper-resistant bait stations – These isolated stations keep children, animals, and non-target animals safe from poison rodent bait.
• Rat trapping – The company designs a rat trap program that removes rats quickly and efficiently.
• Property sanitation – The company performs proper decontamination on properties to remove traces of feces and food particles left by rodents.
• Rat exclusion – Rat exclusion involves sealing off cracks and crevices to prevent entry into the home.

About IPM Pest Control

IPM Pest Control is a privately-owned pest control company that provides environmentally friendly pest control services to customers in Palm Beach County. Its services include rodent control, termite control, lawn and ornamental programs, ficus and spiraling whitefly control, and more.

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