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[DRAPER, 3/6/2018] – An American Bar Association survey found that 80 percent of 800 lawyers found litigation costs. The cost continues to grow, making civil courts inaccessible to most people. Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. makes every effort to lower litigation costs while the maximizing the benefits of legal proceedings.

The Cost of Litigation

According to the study of Caseload Highlights in 2013, companies spend billions of dollars annually for litigation. It showed that in 2008, the 36 survey participants answered that $4.1. billion was the total aggregate spent.

Meanwhile, the 20 companies included in the same survey shared that the average outside litigation costs reached $140 million in 2008, a total of 112 percent increase from 2000’s $66 million.

“Our litigators work with our clients to devise the best strategy to meet client objectives, providing sophisticated analysis of the potential costs, risks, and rewards of a given course of action,” the law firm shares.

A Focus on the Best Interests of the Client

For Kelly & Bramwell, P.C., the interests of its clients are paramount. “We will advocate for your best interests and fight for your rights in court. We are always mindful of the bottom line,” the law firm tells its clients.

The lawyers of Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. have extensive experience in a wide variety of civil, administrative and criminal cases. Among the law firm’s litigation services are:

• Bankruptcy
• Business Disputes
• Real Estate Disputes
• Commercial Matters
• Federal and State Regulatory Matters
• Construction Law
• Medical Malpractice
• Torts

“We provide candid and frank advice, tailored to the needs of our clients in light of the specific facts and circumstances of a case,” the law firm shares.

About Kelly & Bramwell, P.C.

Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. takes pride in representing clients in personal matters, business transactions, and legal proceedings throughout the State of Utah. Its lawyers practice in all Utah courts, ranging from municipal courts to the State’s Supreme Court. The law firm also offers its clients frank advice centered on their best interests.

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