Sagarmala: Kolkata port’s present scenario

Kolkata Port contains two dock projects in which one is at Kolkata and other at Haldia. Both the docks are connected with river and located in West Bengal. The Kolkata Dock System (KDS) is situated at Latitude 22° 32’ N, Longitude: 88° 18’ E in the city of Kolkata, while Haldia Dock Complex (HDC) is located at Latitude 22° 02’ N and Longitude 80° 06’ E at about 104 km downstream of KDS.
Both of the port locations are nearly connected by road, rail and ferry boats. National Highway (NH) 117 is about 1.5 km from KDS dock and connects to NH 6 (Mumbai – Kolkata road). Haldia port is also accessible through NH 41, which links Haldia to Kolaghat and connects with NH 6.
The climate of the site condition is tropical having four well-marked seasons, i.e., summer, monsoon, post monsoon and winter. If we talk about temperature, the month of May is the hottest, whereas December and January are colder months.
There are three sub components which is comprises of Kolkata Dock System, i.e., Kidderpore Dock (KPD), Netaji Subhash Dock (NSD) and Budge Budge Oil Jetties. The Kolkata port is about 145 km from the Sagar Island and 232 km from sand head. The Kidderpore Dock made up of two Dock basins – separated by a bascule bridge. KPD – I has 12 berths and KPD – II has 8 berths.
The total cargo handling capacity of all 20 berths is about 3.24 MTPA. The entrance to basin is through twin locks. The NSD comprises of dock basin with a single lock entrance and has 10 berths and 2 dry docks. Budge Budge is located about 25 km downstream of Kolkata. Amongst the earliest handling facilities that were constructed on the River Hooghly, the Oil Jetties at Budge Budge continue to be operational.