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JANUARY 31, AUSTRALIA – Australian pioneer provider of excellent web, mobile, and e-commerce app solutions, Appetiser proudly announces their successful collaboration with fresh home delivery brand Youfoodz. The effectual collaboration resulted in the Youfoodz mobile app getting tens of thousands of daily installs, hundreds of thousands of weekly deliveries, and enabling the business to handle ten times as much.

Despite their consistent progress across the Australian market since they started in 2012, Youfoodz discovered their need to have that competitive advantage in the home food delivery industry. The intensive competition in the e-commerce market drove Youfoodz to work with Appetiser to build an intelligent and intuitive solution custom-tailored for their business needs — hence, the Youfoodz Shopify mobile app store.

The country’s pioneer provider of premium mobile and e-commerce applications immediately recognised Youfoodz’ need to achieve their ever-increasing weekly goals by attracting and engaging additional customers, retaining them, and efficiently sustaining weekly recurring revenues — just exactly what the Youfoodz mobile app was designed for.

The Youfoodz Shopify mobile app provided fresh home delivery service users the same features that their website offered — and more. From putting multiple meals in one cart to real-time updates on the progress of their orders. From push-notification-based promotions to push notifications for orders and updates. From one-touch payment attributes to saving user information for future logins.

For all that the customers needed for fast, easy, and accurate fresh home delivery transactions, the Youfoodz mobile app always put the business one step ahead. This was translated to customer engagement and satisfaction, increased retention rates, ROI boost, and ultimately their much-needed competitive advantage.

About Appetiser

Appetiser takes pride in the efficiency on which they operate. From fine-tuning your business concept to wireframing your business architecture to adapting design with technology to launching, they have nailed these down to a science. Their team of experienced creatives and professional web and mobile app developers have redefined the custom app development process by transforming your mobile app into one big sales machine and give your e-commerce store premium optimization.

About Youfoodz

Youfoodz has brought the concept of fresh meal home delivery service to the next level. The business has its heart on living a healthy lifestyle the easiest, most convenient, and most enjoyable way possible. They believe that everyone deserves to eat healthy without having to bust one’s pocket and spend an eternity to shop, cook, and clean! For Youfoodz, people can actually “save time cooking by not cooking.”

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