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Chennai: The port of Chennai has more than 100 years of tradition, with the position of the third oldest port among the twelve major ports. Well connected with major parts of the world today it is the hub port on the Indian subcontinent. Facilitating regular modernization, integrated procedures, efficient services at low price, easy and integrated procedures, and user-friendly approach. The location gives advantages to the port to handle variety of cargo comprising containers, liquid & break bulk cargo, including iron ore, coal, granite, fertilizers, petroleum products, containers, automobiles and several other types of general cargo items.

The port is having railway lines running up to 70 km, linked to Southern Railway network through Chennai Beach Railway Station which connects Chennai Port to Southern parts of Tamil Nadu and through Royapuram Station which connects Southern Railway Trunk line to Kolkata, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Coimbatore. With national highways connectivity, port is also associated through road, linked to Kolkata through NH 5, to Mumbai through NH 4 and to Kanyakumari through NH 45.

Chennai Port consists three Docks – Bharathi Dock(consists 7 berths), Ambedkar Dock(consists 11 berths) and Jawahar Dock(consists 6 berths). Crude oil & POL products, Containers, Automobiles, Edible oil finished Fertilizers, Fertilizer Raw Materials, and general cargos are the major products handled in the port.