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Recently, a representative of Weekly Hotels shared with the media that the information and fact clearly show an inclination of travelers towards the hotel booking portal, especially, when they are going for an extended stay. According to the shared details, there is a positive shift and at a larger extent in the usage of the extended
stay hotel booking portals by the users.

“We have been serving in the hotel industry for many years. There was a usage of online hotel booking portals earlier as well, but now more and more people have started using it. In fact, there are more bookings through mobile devices.”, shared the representative of the Weekly Hotels.

The spokesperson of the company further shared details of the growing popularity of the hotel booking portals which are briefed hereunder:

Need good hotels for an extended stay

The guests who are looking for a temporary housing or need a long-term stay hotel would prefer to make the best choice and also securing their rooms for the entire extended stay. The on-site hotel booking can end up with no availability of a room or availability of room for fewer days than required. This can be very daunting to find another hotel in such situation. Thus, the people going for an extended stay often reserve their rooms well in advance. Booking a hotel room for an extended stay using a portal is easier and faster. This is one of the reasons for increased usage of extended stay hotel portals for room booking.

More Options without much hassle

The guests who need to stay for long-term needs to get a good accommodation option that is clean, spacious and comfortable. It is a difficult process to go through different extended stay hotels’ websites, checking tariffs and comparing all of them together to find the most suited offer and hotel. Also, the hotels will only talk good about itself on its own website. Thus, the information shared on the website can be different than the actual experience during an extended stay in the hotel. On the contrary, the extended stay hotel booking portals like, the Weekly Hotels, give a complete list of extended stay hotels available in the city. Not only this, it gives a clear comparison and filtering options to find a good hotel among all available options. Furthermore, the results shown by the hotel booking portals like the Weekly Hotels are unbiased and show results in goodwill of the user. It means the best extended stay hotel can be found with required amenities in the selected budget without much bother. All information is available at the fingertips.

Best Deals

The extended stay hotels charge weekly rates that are often cheaper than the traditional hotel rates. Moreover, booking through an authority portal like Weekly Hotels can get more benefits on booking rates. Often, the hotel booking portals offer alluring deals in favor of its customers.

These are the top 3 reasons for growing popularity and increasing usage of booking portals for hotel booking. To learn more about the Weekly Hotels and its offered services, please visit