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Offshore Development Services is a strategic decision taken by the organization in order to leverage talent located in the different geographical regions and reduce the project overheads cost.The success of Offshore Development Services depends upon certain factors which when not considered can hamper the progress of Offshore Development Services project.

Here are 5 Fundamentals of Successful Offshore Development Services.

1.Company Size: First of all define your project requirements clearly.Understand what is the development project size?If it is huge then choose a large size Offshore Development Services organization.Large organizations have multiple talent resources which can address your needs in a timely manner.Choosing a smaller organization for a small Offshore Development Services project is advantageous as they can guarantee focused attention towards your project.

2. Development Methodology: There are various development models such as the Waterfall model, Prototype methodology, Rapid Application Development, Spiral Methodology, Lean Methodology, Agile methodology.Each methodology has its own pros and cons.Agile Methodology is the most preferred owing to its less documentation and low-risk involvement.Choose the appropriate methodology that suits your exact requirements.

3.Rules & Regulations: Before choosing an Offshore Development Services team it is important to consider the Intellectual Property laws and regulations governing in that particular country.Failing to do which can have a serious issue in future.

4.Source Code Ownership: It is important to discuss who will own the source code.If the source code is owned by the developer he can re-use the same code for different projects.So if you need to own the source code you will have to clearly state that in the service agreement before.You can add a separate clause regarding source code ownership.

5.Team Building: An Offshore Development Services team helps you achieve your organizational goals.,so it is important to maintain a harmonious relationship with the extended team.It is vital to overcome the cultural and language differences with proper planning.Clear understanding and timely communication contribute to the success of Offshore Development Services.

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