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January 25, 2018, New Delhi- Graphics Merlin, one of the leading web design & development companies in Delhi, India has successfully completed two years in the business. And to mark this occasion, the company is ready to celebrate its Founder’s Day on January 28, 2018 with aplomb. Since Graphics merlin has been able to register a name for itself in the field of web designing, web development, graphic designing as well as digital marketing, the company is looking towards a grand celebration on January 28.

Mr.Gaurav Sharma and Mr.Varun Rishi, directors and co-founders of Graphics Merlin are elated with the progress of their company. In fact, they sound nothing short of a proud father who managed to successfully raise his kid despite all the hardships. This is what Mr.Gaurav Sharma had to say on the journey and conceptualization behind one of the leading web design & development company of India:

Though it might look like it has just been 2 years but the genesis of the idea and finally the materialization of Graphics Merlin as a company took a period of 7-8 years. Just like any other business, the road was all paved with extreme stress and celebrations of the initial few milestones being achieved. Just as a fruit ripe over time the idea has a life of its own and it too covers its own journey from inception to fruition. So there is a long journey that lay ahead of us that need to be seen through but as of now we are happy to serve atlas to this earth we call, ‘Graphics Merlin.’”

Upon being asked about his plans for the upcoming Founder Day’s celebrations, Mr. Varun Rishi shared that he treats his employees like family and would like to celebrate the occasion like you do with your own kin.

Celebration to us is coming together and marinating in this realization that a company is like a family and just like in any family here we stand together firm with all our hearts invested towards the prosperity of the overall good of each other. The clinking of glasses and toasts being raised to have made through the initial few hardships with a promise to see this through together holding hand in hand.”

Graphics Merlin aspires to emerge as a “leading service provider for various print and digital media design development as well as website oriented design and development.”

In the words of Mr. Gaurav himself, “We happen to dream to come together under one umbrella and see ourselves emerge as leading service provider for various print and digital media design development as well as website oriented design and development with a promise to have most affordable and economical solutions in our business segment with absolutely no tolerance for mediocrity whatsoever. We plan to further extend our capabilities by incorporation and application of business intelligence to various departments to ensure we bring to the platter, a service which is nothing short of absolute best.”

Both Gaurav and Varun’s future plans for the company involves “expanding their wings and can finally take proud to hold offices outside India as well which again is a paramount achievement in what is going to be known as the first few steps to truly look up to international markets.” The company’s next five-year plan is to run & polish the present structure and in the meanwhile really scaling business on a domestic and international scale.

Well, Graphics Merlin Web Development Company is surely aiming for the big league and with their present performance, they might achieve their goal sooner than later.

Graphics Merlin Studio Pvt. Ltd.
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