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Oracle is one of the world’s popular database system that is being used by many organisations to manage their online transaction processing, mixed database workloads and also data warehousing. Those who have done the Oracle database course has many job opportunities in the software industry. However, if you planning to attend for an interview based on Oracle database it is important that you are thorough with the subject before going to the interview to ensure that you succeed in the interview. For all those who would like to refresh their concepts in Oracle before going for an interview can find the as the best platform to practice oracle dba interview questions for freshers and experts to become revise the subject once again before going for the interview. The dba interview question Oracle portal brings you questions that are best asked in many oracle interviews so that you can prepare well before attending the interview. Being able to answer most of the question and have an opportunity to work out on those that need some brush up surely enhances your confidence levels before attending the interview.

Moreover, this platform brings you questions on all the topics so that you choose those topics on which you are not confident to test your knowledge and accordingly spare some time to once again go through the subject before attending the interview. The questions are segregated into freshers section, expert section, pro section and also expert and pro section so that you can browse those questions based on the level at which you are attending the interview. The questions come along with the answers so that you can cross check your answers and also join the forum on the portal to discuss about the subject with other aspirants who are also preparing for the Oracle interview. You can also find a quiz on each topic that not only makes your preparation interesting but the score gives you an insight about your preparation levels and whether you need to spend some more time on the topics before you actually go for the interview.

By going through the number of dba interview questions Oracle you shall have a good practice so that you can confidently presents yourself in the interview and answer most of the questions to have your job confirmed. You can become a member on the portal and access questions on all topics related to Oracle dba to become through in the subject.

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