Self-Regulating Snow and Ice Melting

It took a while but finally winter is here and in some countries with up to 50 cm of fresh snow overnight, which can cause a lot of problems in various aspects.

Snow and ice on walkways, ramps, stairs, gutter, roof may cause a lot of damage and can cause restrictions in their usage and also danger for the people who live or walk there. HTS Global AG is specialized in self-regulating heating cables, says Fabian de Soet, CEO of HTS Global AG. The brand of HTS Global AG ThermTrace is well-known all over the world and stands for a good swiss quality.

HTS Global AG provides many companies and houses with ThermTrace cables, which help to avoid any damage due to snow and ice. HTS produces different types of heating cables to be able to meet all the needs of the customers and the different temperatures.

Suitable cables are ThermTrace GutterHeat and ThermTrace GutterHeat Lite, just to name two. These to cables are specifically for freeze protection of roofs and gutters.

If you have any questions Fabian de Soet and his team are happy to help you find the right cable to ensure safety.

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