Waterproofing Direct’s Products Withstand High pH Levels of New Concrete

[Warriewood, 13/01/2018] – The Australian Institute of Waterproofing cites improper priming as one of the common mistakes in waterproofing. Failure to consider the substrate moisture and pH levels, especially of fresh concrete, may lead to further surface damage and costly repairs.

Alkalinity of Concrete

A study published in Concrete International, the official magazine of the American Concrete Institute, identified the pH levels of concrete at its various stages.

The study explained that concrete is at its highest alkalinity of 13 when it is fresh. Its pH value decreases as soon as it is exposed to carbon dioxide and other substances found in the atmosphere. Concrete’s reaction to carbon dioxide is particularly significant due to carbonation, which lessens its pH level to 8.5 and makes it corrosive to steel reinforcement.

Substrate Moisture in Concrete

Fresh concrete holds a lot of moisture. While it increasingly becomes drier over time, it also becomes more exposed to carbonation that makes it more porous. Therefore, the possibility of moisture related damage increases.

According to the Australian Institute of Waterproofing, substrate moisture is the third major cause of waterproofing failure in Australia. Moisture related problems in concrete may be caused by excess water in the concrete mix, inadequate curing time and other factors caused by external agents.

Water and Corrosion-Resistant Waterproofing Products

Waterproofing Direct, a leading distributor of waterproofing products in Australia, offers primers and waterproofing solutions that withstand concrete moisture and corrosive elements.

Emer-Bond, one of the primers in the company’s catalogue, is a water-based anti-corrosive primer that decreases concrete’s permeability to water and air. It is quick drying and can be applied under conditions of high humidity.

Waterproofing Direct also offers Duram S900, which is a deep penetrating waterproofing solution. It seeps into porous substrates and creates a waterproof barrier below the surface to prevent steel corrosion or concrete degradation due to carbonation, or fungal and bacterial growth.

About Waterproofing Direct

Waterproofing Direct is a family-owned business in Sydney that distributes quality waterproofing products and solutions across Australia. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, they have been able to respond to both residential and commercial demands.

To learn more about their range of waterproofing products, visit www.waterproofingdirect.com.au.

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