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Gurin has been making various dehumidifiers in different segments but their hot selling product is Gurin renewable wireless mini dehumidifier which works on silica gel without any power supply. Only the renewal process requires the power supply for 12-14 hours and your device is ready for use again. The product is available at a discounted price on Groupon.

Dehumidifiers are the devices which can come in very very handy if you have areas or spaces which are burdened with humidity. By absorbing the humidity, these dehumidifiers help you lower down the level of moisture and hence they prevent the growth of molds, mildew, and fungus. The dehumidifiers thus help protect your clothes and other valuables by not allowing them to perish with moisture. There are different sizes dehumidifiers available depending upon their absorbent capacity. Small capacity dehumidifiers remove 25-40 pints of moisture from the air in a day. Medium capacity and large capacity ones absorb approximately 45 to 50 pints and 75 pints of moisture in 24 hours respectively. Before you choose and buy one, you should be sure of your requirements, moisture levels and the power consumption of your dehumidifier.

Gurin renewable wireless mini dehumidifier is ideal for closed small closed spaces like closets and cupboard. It can absorb up to 8-10 Oz of moisture over 6-8 weeks and that too without any power consumption. The crystals within the device absorb the moisture and the indicator turns pink from blue. Once the indicator is pink, it’s time to plug in the dehumidifier which rejuvenates the device by warming up the crystals and thus removing the moisture. The indicator turns again blue once the device is ready for use. This way, the device is an auto-renewable one and does not require a change of gel or crystals. It works well with its odorless silica gel.

The device is inexpensive and available at a huge discounted price on There is practically no operating cost of the device. The product can last you for years together. All these are the reasons sufficient enough to make you log in to the website and order your product before it runs out of stock.