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November 2017 – Fairfield, OH-based Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping are now offering their guidance on winter asphalt paving maintenance. Gouges in the pavement as a result of snow plows, freezing temperatures that crack the surface and chemicals that cause asphalt damage are all common issues during the winter season. It’s important to work with an asphalt paving company for southern Ohio homeowners and business property owners to protect their driveway spaces. Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping recommends resurfacing your pavement every 12-15 years for the best surface and to save expenses. Added thickness during resurfacing improves the performance by adding strength and longevity to your pavement. Areas needing patching from neglect cost 5X more than resurfacing.
Protect Asphalt from Winter
With the winter weather arriving shortly, it’s now time to consider how best to protect your pavement against the worst of the winter weather. One of the most common issues in southern Ohio is asphalt driveway damage. Many local property owners are now turning to the team at Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping for guidance on driveway maintenance.
Experienced Team
The company’s team can provide winter maintenance for a full range of driveway issues. They can fill gaps in the material caused by chemicals. They can repair damage caused by plows and they can fix those fine cracks caused by the freezing temperatures. The company’s team has decades of experience and can respond to winter driveway maintenance issues in a consolidated timeframe.
About Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping
Book your winter driveway maintenance with the top asphalt paving company in southern Ohio today. The team at Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping is available now to answer questions and guide homeowners on their maintenance requirements. To learn more, call now via (513) 276-4218 or visit their business website at