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Sullivan Building & Design, a design and construction company located in Talbot County, MD, recently announced that it has expanded its door installation and repair services. The company indicated that these expanded services apply to both homes and businesses.

Sullivan Building & Design continued its announcement by stating that there are many styles of doors available, which fit unique tastes and budgets. Sullivan went on to indicate that it has installed thousands of doors, in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Sullivan stated that its expanded door installation service now includes the installation of doors that are Energy Star rated. Sullivan clarified this point by saying that the Energy Star rating is given to doors that are especially energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Sullivan Building & Design also announced that it is expanding its door repair services, so that Talbot County residents can have a working door without having to purchase a new one. Sullivan went on to state that its door repair services include the replacement of sashes, screens and hardware. Sullivan also indicated that its expanded repair services now include wrapping the door’s exterior wood in aluminum coil, which is offered in a variety of colors. Sullivan Building & Design also indicated that they work with a variety of door manufacturers, and dealers of all major brands. Further company information ca be found at

In its closing remarks, Sullivan Building & Design provided some company information. Sullivan Building & Design stated that it has been serving Talbot County, MD and the surrounding area for over fifteen years. Sullivan Building & Design went on to mention that its staff members have a combined seventy-five years of experience in the building and design industry. Sullivan Building & Design also indicated that it offers a variety of services, including home construction, home improvement, window installation, design services, and cabinetry. The company also pointed out that it is fully licensed and insured. The company concluded its announcement by mentioning that it is able to provide hands-on management of all plans, permits, and subcontracting needs. The company can be followed at

Nancy Sullivan
Company: Sullivan Building & Design
Address: 21630 Camper Circle, Tilghman, MD 21671
Phone: (410)886-9906