Hi friends Star automobiles helps you how to avoid suddenly breakdown in your car. In any car before going more than 300km trip you must be check at home only two very easy points.
1) Engine oil Level: It must be existed b/w min and max point mark on oil level gauge.
2) Coolant Level: It check in coolant bottle and it also exist in between max and min marking on level.
Note: Never open radiator cap without waiting min 30 min after stopping engine. Now star automobile explain check these points:-
Why use coolant in Car?
The purpose of antifreeze/coolant is to fold as the name of product.
A) It keeps the water in your car from freezing in cold and
B) It keeps from boiling and overheating in hot weather. Either of above these conditions can cause a breakdown and serious injury to your engine. So, Change coolant as per standard and check it continue on monthly basis.
When we discussing antifreeze/ coolant for a car than important to know how much water and how much coolant (glycol) to mix for your car. After all point tested by automobile industry suggested amount is fifty percent water, fifty percent glycol coolant. This mixture ratio has a lower freezing point, and allows heat to transfer from the engine to the inside of the vehicle.
Star automobiles helps people to avoid use water on the place of coolant it is very dangerous for car because as we know Water is corrosive. You will shorten your engine’s life if you don’t add antifreeze. Antifreeze, on top of everything else it does, also acts as a rust inhibitor. Yes, you can run straight water, but your coolant boiling point will be lower AND you’ll corrode the inside of your engine and destroy your water pump.