Pharmacology 2018 focuses on the importance to understand drugs and how they can affect human physiology. It is with better understanding of Pharmacolo­gy one can know the right dosage and dosage forms of drugs. More research in pharmacology deals with identifying and responding to drug interactions and its side effects along with its mechanism of action, its therapeutic index and thereby treat ac­cordingly. More intensive study with the interaction between drug and its therapeutic effect helps to identify the properties of ideal drugs.
Conference Highlights:
Neuropharmacology and Psychopharmacology
Clinical Pharmacology and Receptor theory
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
Drug Screening and Discovery
Advances in Pharmacological Research
Ocular Pharmacology
Biochemical Pharmacology
Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmaco-economics
Pharmacological Testing
Nursing Pharmacology