Santamedical SM-110 Pulse Oximeter Pink And Blue Colour Available On Groupon

Santamedical SM-110 is one of the most trusted pulse oximeters and recently the brand has made its pink and blue color available on Groupon.

It’s truly said that variety is a spice of life. Santamedical is a coveted brand in the healthcare sector and is consistently delivering products that are user-friendly, advanced in features and gives smooth functioning to attain its objective. The brand umbrellas a wide array of pulse oximeters, it’s a device used to measure oxygen saturation level (SpO2 levels) in blood and is a must device for the patients suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Among the different variants of Santamedical Pulse Oximeter, SM-110 has been one of the hot-selling device among the buyers. The device is available on different e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Groupon.

Recently, Santamedical has announced two new colors pink and blue for SM-110 pulse oximeter on Groupon. Now buyers can select their preferred color among the given options. The colors are bright and alluring, instantly captivates everybody’s attention. These color options are aptly selected as they are soothing to eyes, not at all gaudy and the hue options are perfect for both male and female buyers.

Let’s take a brief on SM-110 features:-

• User-friendly Device: The Pulse Oximeter is non-invasive in nature and can be facilely used even by a person from the non-medical field. A user simply needs to turn on the device, glide the finger in the given hinge and wait till the readings are displayed on the given screen.

• Accurate Reading: The brand ensures the accuracy of the readings and has tested it several times to make it a device which can be count on.

• Appealing Design: This medical equipment looks more like a toy, its pink and blue colors are light hues and appeals like candy color. It’s compact, lite and works on three AAA batteries making it a travel-friendly device.

• Bright Display Screen: It has got a bright and big display screen, making it convenient to read the counts of vitals (SpO2 level and pulse rate) given on screen.

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