Porus, most expensive serial made ever- a research by Chrome Data Analytics and Media

the launch of the epic drama on Indian TV show called Porus. The largest primary research company Chrome Data Analytics and Media digs deeper to understand Indian viewers viewing habits. Content on TV have undergone a drastic shift. With digital entertainment landscape augmenting every day offering fresh content on the go broadcasters have their task cut out for them to engage the TV audience with relevant programming. TV production houses are experimenting with the content and revitalising the cluttered TV space with bright ideas and concepts. One such clutter breaker is the first Global series from India, Porus. Touted to be the most expensive serial made ever, the historical show marks the beginning of a shift in Indian TV space. It is the most anticipated shows of the recent times for its sheer scale and stellar cast. The launch of the show also suggests the inclination of Indian audience towards the mythological and epic content on TV. Chrome Data Analytics and Media conducted a research to measure the awareness and excitement level on the show. The research suggests that Indians are taking more interest to know more on their history and legacy of our country.

The survey was conducted in urban areas and HS regions of India between an age group of 18-55+ years of age. Total sample size of the survey is 1373 respondents consisting 47% female and 53% males.

Speaking on the launch of the show CEO & Founder, Mr. Pankaj Krishna said, “In today’s time, where the tech obsessed generation turns a blind eye to history, the legendary saga of Porus needs to be brought to mainstream consciousness. In that respect, this is a fantastic endeavour by Sony to remind us of the rich legacy that we inherit as a country”.

The key findings of the show are as below:
44% of respondents preferred watching historical shows on TV
While a large part of the people were aware of Alexander (56%), very few have heard of Porus (23%)
61% respondents are aware of launch of “Porus” on TV
42% of the respondents said that promos got them interested in the show & they were waiting for its launch
31% of the respondents were curious and wanted to know more about “Porus” after seeing the serial promos
24% of the respondents said that the extraordinary audio and visual effects of the show would be the driving factor for its success
Jhansi ki Rani, Jodha Akbar & Chanakya are few of the serials which have had a large scale of awareness before the actual launch
However 83% people don’t watch the complete season of the historical shows due to unnecessary stretching of the story, gradual deviation & unnecessary introduction of new characters

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