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Document Writer For Microsoft Office –Word & PDF
Document Writer, another amazing application has been created, by Mindspeak Software, for the users who don’t want to carry bag full of files and documents. Document Writer seems beneficial for every entity and has got so many advantages. It has been designed in a way which can not only be useful for office workers but it can be suitable for students too.
Mindspeak Software has released its updated version of document writer version 4.4.4 only limited to users of iOS. The greatest document managing and editing application is now available for iPad and iPhone.
The Document Writer users will be able to utilize its incredible features which include Document editor, Document templates and samples, Document scanner, Fax, Folders & sub-folders, PDF converter, PDF expert, PDF viewer, Sharing, Spread sheets, Usability features (smooth and easy usage), and Voice recorder.
What’s New in Version 4.4.4 :
The new version of Document Writer has been heightened to run on the latest version of iOS, this application has been made integrated and through this app you can now easily fill out PDF Forms and Sign and Send PDF Files while in a zoom mode. It also has the ability to drag & drop file across file systems. Improvements to Rich Text Editor and Enhanced User Interface provide you a new look of the app.
The applications unique features are encouraged widely and review from the state.
“This has to be the best document app we have road tested for use on the iPhone and iPad”
“A very well-developed word processor app that I would definitely recommend.”
Mindspeak Software’s Document writer is all in one app which includes all the necessary features that are required in an office to manage work easily.

About Mindspeak Software :
Mindspeak Software is an IT consulting and software development firm with an aim to provide its clients with easily usable and manageable apps.
Mindspeak Software is a company of highly skilled individuals who know their work quite well. Mindspeak Software provides the best solutions and strategies so that our clients can standout in today’s economy.

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