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From the producer of ‘The Hooray Show with Horatio Sanz’, a new podcast from Bro Bro Studios follows hosts Kathleen and Kadi as they dive into terrible yelp reviews and visit the beleaguered establishments to test whether or not they really are that bad.

“The internet is filled with terrible reviews that often leave us wondering whether it’s impossible to receive good customer service now-a-days, or if all reviewers are bananas. I mean, was the salad really that bad, or is this lady mid break up? Is that campsite really so awful, or is this dude processing unresolved daddy issues? People take time out of their busy and important lives to leave these scathing reviews, so the least we can do is validate them…or not. Join us, Kadi and Kathleen as we visit these one star worthy places in an effort to answer the question; Is it really that bad?!?”

‘Is It Really that Bad?!?’ is hosted on Blogtalk Radio and can be heard at