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Technology transforms construction sites, but on small projects the dominant project management tools are still tea stained paper plans, pencils tucked behind ears and ‘to do’ lists written on bare plaster walls. Buildcloud, the world’s simplest construction app, is looking to change that.

Buildcloud aim to be the project management tool that fits how small contractors really work. The construction app has a range of features suitable for all types of small contractors, and there are packages available for every budget.

What Is Build Cloud?

With Buildcloud, contractors have all of their plans and files on all devices at all times. They are kept up to date in real time, meaning plans will never get lost again and there’s no need to search for the latest revisions. Buildcloud has been specially designed for the construction industry; it’ll tell you when a document changes automatically and then sync the changes to your corresponding devices, such as your iPad or desktop computer.

Contractors are able to invite the entire team to use Buildcloud, with auto-notifications to ensure everybody is on the same page at all times. The simple and easy to use news feed make projects so much easier to keep track of, as well as making staying in touch and picking up on errors a breeze. A daily email ensures that nothing is missed on important projects.

Buildcloud allows contractors to have a permanent record of when a team member opens a file. Knowing when sub-contractors have looked at the latest files will help to eliminate excuses, as well as wasteful paper that can be harmful to the environment. With Buildcloud’s automated checks, team members will be reminded if they have not looked at a revision.

Package Pricing

The packages begin at just £9 for the starter package. This includes 5 projects, unlimited users, 100 project files, unlimited photos, a free iPhone app and Android app, and incredible support.

Buildcloud can be trialled for free with one project for as long as is needed, and it’s simple to upgrade to Buildcloud Starter. No credit card needed to try this out.

Buildcloud’s monthly prices are fixed so there will be no fees if a new member of staff is brought on board.

It’s simple to cancel a Buildcloud Starter account at any time by emailing or calling the support team. Use the contact information below and the team endeavour to get back in touch ASAP.

Cat Barrett
Company: Buildcloud
Address: Buildcloud, 13 Arran Drive, Leeds, LS25 2BU, UK
Telephone: 07872 610407