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Origen Sagrada is a nonprofit organization offering best spiritual Ayahuasca Retreat in USA for healing people disorder from their physical body. They conduct medicinal ceremony where people are gathered in remote location along dense forest region. The Event probably goes for two to three days and for participating in the events certain condition and requirement need to be followed. Shamans and their elders will help other participants in guiding through a spiritual way by asking them to take different herbal medicines prepared from sacred plants. Thus if above condition are followed properly people can enjoy their personal spiritual cleansing up to their satisfaction level.

Services Offered:

The Community members organizes spiritual healing event along different regions of United States. During Ayahuasca event their elders and Shamans will be teaching the people about the usefulness of Ayahuasca healing Retreat and their old traditions. Participants will be protected in a safe environment, food and accommodation being provided to them. They even offer medicines at free of cost.

Personal Spiritual Cleansing:

In USA, the Ayahuasca ceremony goes for three nights where Shamans and their elders assist the participants by taking them in forest region. In forest region, the participants are grouped in a circular form and refreshing music being played. This is done because participants need to relax and completely forget their stressful life and attain a new spiritual path of living. At the time of Ayahuasca retreat participants are offered with a cup of herbal medicine which is the root ingredient for spiritual transformation.

Useful Medicines Given During Ayahuasca Retreat:

Yage, Ambil and Mambe are the three types of Medicines prepared from different sacred plants taken from Amazon forest. Yage is the herbal medicine prepared from Ayahuasca and Chacruna sacred plants. It is prepared by the elders of Camino Sol community members. Ambil is a form of tobacco paste taken from their community farm. According to their ancestor mythology Ambil is a power plant that has the tendency to cleanse and heal person physical body in order to receive guidance from God and spirits. Mambe is a medicine made from cocoa leaf and an ash called Yarumo when Ambil and Mambe are mixed together the spiritual power works inside human body.

About Origen Sagrada:

Origen Sagrada is one of the oldest communities that bring out spiritual transformation in people body. These medicinal practices are learnt from their ancestors and they offer this service for people to restore their physical body and soul into pure form. They even conduct healing ceremonies for people to enjoy the best of Ayahuasca Retreat. For more details, about Ayahuasca Retreat in USA, visit

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