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Social media expert Subin John jibed at KRK Twitter account suspension

Kamal R Khan, who has been into controversy every now and then for his derogatory remarks, is once again the talk of the town. The self-proclaimed film critic not only revealed the climax of Secret superstar on the micro-blogging site but also went on to personally target Aamir khan on Twitter. As a result of his act, Twitter suspended the official account thereby leading to humiliating comments from his followers as well as other users. Well known social media expert Subin John, owner of, jibed at the entire controversy following the account suspension.

Subin says, “I don’t understand what made Twitter wait for so long before suspending his account permanently. He has been breaking the policies of Twitter since long and this time he actually crossed the limits. Every user mandatorily needs to maintain his/her twitter account under the mentioned policies.”

Compelled by his habit of going against the ethics, KRK once again crossed the level of disgust as he openly threatened to commit suicide on the social media platform if the twitter does not restores his account within a span of 15 days. The widely circulated press release says, “I request @TwitterIndia and staff Ms. Mahima Kaul, Viral Jani and Mr. Taranjeet Singhto restore my account within 15 days. 1st they did charge me millions of rupees and then suddenly suspended my account. So am depressed because they have cheated me. If they won’t restore my account I will commit suicide and all these people will be responsible for my death.”

The whole issue was initiated after Kamal Khan revealed the climax of Secret Superstar. Things worsened when he openly criticized the movie by calling it a “deadly slow 2.5 hours torture (sic)” followed by a personal attack on Mr. Perfectionist. In a follow-up tweet, he disgraced Aamir saying, “if u r not a good father or ur father was not a good father whom u never respected then don’t say dat we don’t love children.”

It was only later that Aamir filed a complaint in reference to the remark which led to the suspension of Kamal’s Twitter account.

Adding to his opinion, Subin John, highly criticised the action saying, “revealing the climax of a commercial movie on a social media platform is extremely unethical. I completely condemn such unprofessional behaviour. Moreover, threatening to commit suicide on Twitter, a platform where almost 5 million people follow him, is majorly of unprofessional and nonsensical.”

Housing In Florence Gives Authentic Information On The Matter

Florence, Italy — November 28 2017 — Housing In Florence is a company that offers services of finding an apartment for the people. It has been in this business for quite a while and those folks that have already used the service are rating it highly. Florence is considered one of the most expensive cities in Italy because it’s also a tourist hub. Everything that has to do with many tourists is very expensive and those areas are monetized heavily.

Most of the apartments in florence are very expensive and it makes sense to rent as much as possible for the minimum price available. The activity of finding an apartment that is up for rent is already a complex process so that firm is doing the client a favor of having the listings beforehand. All of the florence apartments that are already listed on the site have high resolution photographs attached to the posts. They can be used as to judge the situation and also create an understanding about why the price has been assigned like this and how much does it cost at the end of the month.

A lot of people that have been searching for long term rentals in florence have stated that this is the perfect way as to tackle the situation. Just a quick search on any search engine will surely display that the issue is much more complicated than many could have imagined. Real estate is a huge issue in the city of canals at this point in time. During the estival season it’s even more complex — the tourists are pouring in and there is no place to stay even for the locals that want to rent.

This is the chief reason why apartments in florence italy are so sought and why there are amazing ways of locating the number one apartment that combines the quality and the price that would be good for any of us. Housing in Florence doesn’t just offer whole apartments but they can also display great deals on the rooms for rent in florence. These deals are great for the students that don’t have enough money as to take a whole apartment for the months ahead. Think through the offers of this company and get the best deal that there can be in this amazing city that is encircled by water.

Company: Renta Directa S.L.
Web site:
Phone: +39 349 64 066 85
Address: Pallars, 15 1-1 25004 Lleda (ESP)

Sercos-on-a-Stick: Experience Sercos in Minutes

With the Sercos®-on-a-Stick live demo system, Sercos International, in cooperation with Bosch Rexroth and TenAsys®, offers a particularly simple means to evaluate the Sercos SoftMaster. Within minutes, Sercos-on-a-Stick converts almost every x86 based PC to a Sercos Master Test System, making it possible to realize real-time communication without hardware extensions. Using a Time-Triggered-Send (TTS) enabled Ethernet controller (Intel i210 or Texas Instruments PRU-ICSS), even the requirements of demanding motion applications are met. The system uses the TenAsys INtime® multicore real-time operating system, which serves as the basis for future-proof control solutions.

For this purpose, the INtime Distributed RTOS has been configured to serve the Sercos Master as a powerful, royalty-free and time-limited test platform. The Sercos-on-a-Stick live system is designed such that no changes to the target platform are made and therefore a backup of the target system is not required. The live system runs on any machine that meets the following hardware requirements: x86 architecture, 2 free USB ports for the USB flash drive and a keyboard, an Intel®, Broadcom® or Realtek® Ethernet controller, a screen as a console and the bootability of USB. Apart from CPU, memory and the aforementioned components, no other hardware is used on the target platform. Its hard drive is guaranteed to remain untouched.

The live system is provided as an image, which is transferred to a sufficiently large USB flash drive using a freely available software tool.

The target platform is started via USB boot with this application. The boot loader first generates a RAM disk and then loads a system image consisting of INtime RTOS and the Sercos application into a RAM disk. When the INtime instance is started on the RAM disk, the Sercos-on-a-Stick application is started.

To work with as many target platforms as possible, the live system supports both traditional and newer Ethernet controllers (such as Intel i210) that support timed transmission of Ethernet telegrams according to the new Ethernet TSN standard.

Interpretation And Symbolization Of Dreams About Death, Falling Out Teeth And Pregnancy

Dreamoris is a website that uncovers the meaning of your dreams and symbolization of each. People dream of thousands of things every night, however, there are only few that we remember once we wake up. If you are interested in that one that captured your attention the most, Dreamoris is a place to look for answers.

Have you ever dreamed of something weird and wondered what could that possibly mean in your life? The good news for you is that answers can be found, and a dream can be interpreted in a certain way, depending on your experience and circumstances of your life. Some dreams can get people quite confused but since you find an explanation to it, it becomes less of a mystery.

One of the most common dreams that people experience is a having their teeth falling out and in very different situations. Some dream of having false teeth, others see teeth of an animal, and some people see themselves spitting out their own teeth. Those dreams indeed can be very disturbing and can cause some state of agitation. The key to understanding dream interpretation and the symbolization is to realize that it is not about one size fitting all. Every person has their own life experience and their own perspectives and ways of thinking that may color their particular dream that way.

Another common dream that women have throughout their lifetime is being pregnant. Such dream can be as simple and straightforward as you are dreaming that you are about to have a child, or as strange and convoluted as having a miscarriage or an abortion. The very first step of trying to decode your pregnancy dreams is to underline the main symbolisms that go into dreaming of pregnancy. It might symbolize growth, innovation and creativity, being afraid, anxiety about life and many other meanings.

Among the most common dreams that people experience around the world, dreams about death are the most terrifying and commonly occurring ones. Although it may point to some really bad meaning in most places, there are many cultures where dreams about death is seen as an indicator of good news. Death in dream can symbolize big changes in your life such as shifting careers, moving cities or even countries, financial changes and so on.

The bottom line is that we often dream of things that make no sense to us upon first glance and we wonder what the hidden meaning behind those dreams must be, this curiosity is a basic and foundational part of human nature and psyche. To learn more and understand which symbolization and of which dream suits you best, check out dreamoris website now.

Company Name: DreamOris
Contact Person: Juliet Grace
Full Address: 3950 Ohio St, San Diego, CA 92104, USA
Phone # +1 800-660-6904


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