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To ease the work of locating their neighbouring shisha lounges, Shisha local has listed down best of all the shisha lounges of India and abroad.

Shisha Local, established in 2017, has gained much of reputation within the short period. Their idea of listing all the shisha lounges was to make the public get the proper information of their requirement. Apart, from that they even sell shisha products which are not available easily in India.

With Shisha Local, fast and wondrous navigation system, anyone from anywhere can locate his/her shisha lounges within minutes. Moreover, one can also search by locating the lounge in 100kms by their radius filter.

Furthermore, Shisha Local have classified the shisha lounges into four primary categories.

Shisha lounges that serves alcohol
Shisha lounges ideal for couples.
Shisha lounges that offer food.
Shisha lounges offering desserts.

Owner’s View: Karan, the founder of Shisha Local is die hard shisha lover. Being a Shisha lover, he looks out for places where he can get best quality shisha, which of course takes a load of time as there is no site or app where anyone can locate only neighbouring shisha lounges. So, to solve this problem, Karan and his team came up with an idea of making a website that covers all the shisha lounges of India and rest of the world. In Shisha Local, they have listed all the shisha lounges of every city.

And they are also planning to cover other countries shisha lounges such as UK, USA, Aus, UAE, Germany, France and more.


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For Contact Details:
Karan Gulati
First floor D-274 Sarvanand Marg,
Behind WTP, Jaipur Raj.