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Alamo Heights, TX 2017/ Press Release: If you notice some abnormal changes in your child’s behavior, consult Mr. Brent Wheeler, a well-known child therapist practicing in Alamo Heights, TX. He has extensive experience in dealing with children, adolescents as well as adults.

About Mr. Brent Wheeler

Mr. Brent W. Wheeler is a licensed counselor and a certified hypnotherapist who has worked in various schools in Texas and has helped numerous students to battle issues related to tension, gloom and low self-esteem. While working in different institutions, the child therapist learned to analyze behavioral aspects of kids, communicated with their parents and educators to help them combat these mental issues.

Mr. Wheeler has worked in Ft. Worth, Dallas Public Schools, Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center and many other schools in Wise County. He acquired more knowledge in psychology while working at Parkland Hospital’s Psychiatric Emergency Unit and at Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation Department of Neuropsychology in Dallas. With years of experience, he is able to comprehend the mental state of a child and helps him/her to get back to a normal life.

Signs That Your Child Needs Counseling

Aggressive Behavior
Prolonged Sadness
Mood Swings
Sudden Changes In Appetite
Decreased Enthusiasm For Previously Liked Activities
Insomnia Or Expanded Tiredness
Drop In Grades
Learning Or Consideration Issues
How Child Counseling Can Help?

Develops a positive attitude
Helps to recognize strengths and weaknesses
Reduces stress
Establishes ways to reach goals
Improves confidence, etc.

To give your child a stress-free life, get in touch with Mr. Brent Wheeler. For an appointment with the expert, visit 4940 Broadway, Ste 225, Alamo Heights, TX 78209 or call at (210) 409 – 7777. For more information log on to