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Shenzhen, China; 28, October 2017: Batteries are the lifeline for a wide range of modern gadgets and devices. This is the reason why a user must focus on choosing the best quality and long lasting batteries for their devices. China based Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd now offers a wide range of custom batteries that can run numerous devices of the modern times.

The company has recently introduced Custom High magnification unmanned aerial vehicle battery packs that can be used in unmanned aerial vehicles. With an approximate weight of 750g, the battery pack requires a charging time of around 3 hours. The battery is available in a compact dimension and is ideal for unmanned aerial vehicles. The operating temperature of the battery can range between 0*c and 45*c while it can be stored at a temperature suitably from -20*c to +60*c. The spokesperson of the company reveals that the battery pack has been designed specifically for different unmanned aerial vehicles.

According to the spokesperson, they specialize in custom remote control toys batteries according to specification requirements, to be used to run a variety of battery-powered toys. The spokesperson reveals that there is a wide variety of toys with different features that require a varied range of power for running them. On the basis of the specific requirements of these toys, the company can supply custom-made batteries to the industries. With custom shapes and different capacities, these battery packs can accept different voltages and can be charged swiftly.

Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd Tech can proudly supply Custom Li-Polymer batteries for Tablet PC that can be used to charge notebooks, portable DVDs, video cameras, RC helicopters and other instruments. These lead-free batteries are completely eco-friendly and do not harm the environment. With a high energy density and low internal resistance, the Li-Polymer battery can offer an excellent safety performance with no risks of explosion or catching fire. With a long lifecycle, these batteries can flexibly be converted into battery packs of different capacities to use them in different devices in a desired manner.

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About Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co., Ltd:

Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 2005, is a high-tech manufacturing and trading combo for Li-ion and Li-Polymer batteries, including mobile batteries, digital camera batteries, Apple laptop batteries, power tool batteries and OEM battery packs. They also supply Power supply chargers, including backup battery charger, power tool chargers and power banks. Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd is committed to provide professional, fast, patient sales. Their products are highly appraised by high-end and mid-end clients around the world.

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