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Deck-Rail.Com has more than five decades of experience in producing quality metal products. To get rid of the disadvantages of cable rail, they have introduced Wedge Lock 3000 Deck Rail System. Whatever may be the needs, they provide quality service. People who desire for a modern and durable product can avail their services. They overcome the risks and unpleasant appearance of the cable rails. For decks and stairs, the company manufactures proprietary, pre- engineered railing system.
Being expertise in unique, contemporary residential and commercial metal, they come with products which are factory built. Therefore, there is no need for any on-site welding and they can be installed with simple tools. They replace steel with aluminum so that we can avoid rusting. Aluminum has other advantages also such as it is lighter compared to steel, economical and installation process also becomes easy. Not considering where you are located they are willing to provide services. They are also licensed, bonded and insured for each project they undergo.

An Alternative for Bay Area Cable Railing
Generally, cable rails lose tension, sag, and it can also break. It also requires many horizontals as a result of which it loses its appearance. When coming to deck rails, it contains fewer and small posts. The view gets improved with floating corners. The screws at the end are not visually seen. With fewer cables the appearance looks good and it is also stronger. The horizontals are flexible under tension and it has no chance to rust over time. To make the product more attractive they also offer guard rails with glass or handrails. The maintenance process has also made easy and you can install it by yourself or with the help of the carpenter. Most essentially, there is no need to replace or retighten the cable.

About Deck-Rail.Com
Deck-Rail.Com offers factory built railing system which is of high quality. Also, they produce environment friendly products. The aluminum, which they use, is recyclable or reusable. The railing posts and caps are also made from aluminum. With more than fifty years of experience they have come up with Wedge Lock 3000 Deck Rail System, which is very much advantageous to the traditional railing system. To know more details, visit

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