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India and Cyril share an ongoing passionate love affair. In 2003, Cyril arrived in
Lucknow to pursue his MBA from IIM, he never imagined to make India his
After falling in love with the rich culture and the mind boggling contrasts of
India’s landscapes, Cyril decided to give a chance to his journey and to start
doing business in India after the completion of his degree. His first venture was a
very innovative service: the very first mobile spa in India. Delivering door to
door luxurious and professional services he quickly acquired a very select
clientele all across the country.
While operating the Spa business Cyril was struggling to source cosmetic
products that met his expectations in terms of quality and price. That’s when he
started to make his own massage oils and his famous 100% natural face packs.
As the time went on, his passion for cosmetics grew to become his main drive.
He soon noticed a missing link in Indian market. The Indian clientele always
being extremely attached to their own remedies and suspicious of all the
chemicals and synthetic ingredients a cosmetic contained, he realized that no
other brand in the market was offering some truly gentle cosmetic products
which were inspired by natural remedies and distributed at an affordable price.
He decided to formulate unique products, with organic and synthetic free
ingredients, and kept in mind to always remain affordable. Naturally organic
ingredients inspired all products that have been formulated without the use of
any harsh chemicals and replaced cheap artificial alternative with natural
KnonoKare lies at the crossroads of tradition and development. Cyril’s expertise
in spa technology and aromatherapy amalgamated with the Indian mastery of
Yogic practices infuse the products with the best of Indian and French practices.
Each Kronokare product is a blend of the Indian know how of feeling good inside
with the French technique to look good outside.
Mirroring Kronokare’s philosophy in his own life, Cyril strongly believes in
combining the essence of luxury with the simplest of things and practices in life.
His aim was to create a product line easy to use that provided efficient results
without wasting time. Moreover, each KronoKare product is easy-to- use and
especially formulated to suit a range of Indian skin types and weather.
KronoKare’s particularly celebrated Aromatherapy Collection uses the finest of
natural essential oils. This collection is ideal for the discerning customer who is
both economically conscious yet seriously enjoys luxury. Best of all, each
KronoKare product has the special quality of making you smile while doing you

Cyril’s dual ideology of feeling and doing good, seriously insists on social
responsibility. Kronokare fully supports Ethical Trade by ensuring that their
employees are treated with dignity and respect. Furthermore, no KronoKare
product is tested on animals and each represents a progressive move towards a
cruelty-free world.
Kronokare met it’s first success with 5 star hotels, always eager to identify the
next best thing for their clientele, Kronokare products were the answers to all
their expectations. Soon Kronokare became one of the leading hotel toiletries
suppliers in India.
Today Cyril has developed an extensive range of cosmetics. Hair care with their
famous Aromatherapy Hair Oils, Body care with the acclaimed KronoAroma
Range of toiletries, and Face Care with the hit selling range Lets Face It!