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Houston, TX; 23, October 2017: Most of the new car models from major automobile companies such as Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, and Fiat come with complex lock and key systems called transponder keys. Transponder keys are a highly effective anti-car theft mechanism. The keys consist of an embedded chip which communicates with a small computer in the car. If the computer does not detect the signals from the transponder chip, the car does not start.

Transponder keys cannot be easily duplicated. Very few Houston locksmiths are capable of reprogramming and replacing the transponder chip. This is a task left to trained and accomplished automotive locksmiths who specialize in transponder key programming services.

713 Locksmith Houston has recently started transponder key programming and reprogramming services. The company provides a range of high-end residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services and the addition of transponder key programming is likely to make them one of the most sought after locksmith companies in Houston.

Daniela Brito, one of the manager for 713 Locksmith Houston said in a recent interview: “We are proud to announce the launch of a new transponder key programming service in the Houston area. We have deliberately kept the rates low as a part of our introductory offer. That does not in any way imply that the quality of our service is inferior or that our responsiveness and promptness in delivering the service will take a backseat. We prioritize providing a great customer experience above everything else. We have invested heavily in the latest technologies, software tools and high-end equipment.”

Mrs. Brito added, “Transponder key programming is one of the most complex services a locksmith company could offer. It is certainly not for amateurs, the likes of which are many in our industry. We hire only the most experienced, certified and highly skilled technicians for this purpose.”

Mrs. Brito said that he expected the new transponder key programming and reprogramming service to give them an edge over the competition in San Antonio Texas.

About 713 Locksmith:

713 Locksmith Houston is one of the leading names among full-service locksmith service providers in Houston. The company specializes in a range of automotive locksmith services and now offers transponder key programming. Visit them at their website to know more.

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