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New York, USA – 10 October 2017 – Ali Raza is a top notch entrepreneur that has won multiple awards for his deeds online. Building an online business is now an easy thing for the man but he has risen from the crowds just like any other business person in the US. Nevertheless, he knows what is good and has quite a following online. There can’t be just serious things posted on a page – sometimes the person has to have some lighter moments out there. This is when the Weird Sites topic kicks in.

For example, there is a site that takes many faces of the Facebook page and does a huge collage of them all. One would ask himself why such Weird Websites should even exist. Probably it was just an experiment made by a teenager or some work done for the university by the student. These truths are veiled in the mist of the unknown but what is certain is that we can have a ton of fun by using these sites for a light moment. Ali has built a database of such sites when he and his friends want to have a laugh.

One of the other funny websites is the eel slapping one. There is actually a site where you can slap the friends with a gif of a person slapping another. The funny thing is that the person isn’t just slapped with the hand but there is an eel involved. All of us probably know by now that electric fish that is completely weird looking and super slimy. There are more Weird Sites added to the pool every day so if a person wants to refresh the list then there are chances that there are going to be new web pages added at the bottom.

A lot of these people that love such sites are always looking for more materials for the chuckle. Many of such people even have Youtube channels where they discuss what is new and how to dig for more such web pages in the future. Weird Websites have always been a top topic on the web but now that it has grown out of hand – it’s hard to stop. Follow Ali Raza on the social networks as to be up to date on the Weirdest websites that he can find and share them with friends and colleagues.

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