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1. Knowing the real meaning of independence

Independence simply means freedom and it is the most important thing to know that what kind of freedom completes independence. As you know that mind is the king of the senses who drive you to do things accordingly so only the freedom of your body can not be said as independence. The soul must be independent and mind can do that as mind can agitate your soul.

So the true independence is in mind and you need to make it independent first and that cannot be possible without you yourself. You have to give yourself some time to be asked some questions by your own mind. If you do this you would be entering to the world of independent thoughts.
2. Thinking about your Childhood

Yes, you have to think about your childhood days to make your thoughts independent. I am telling you why! It’s because when you were a child you never did things according to your surroundings. You were completely unknown about likes and dislikes and you used to think about some weird things that were always with you but you forgot that liberty you had once.

Now you need to bring back those weird thoughts that used to be a part of your soul once. You just need to think about that child who was fearless and always doing something which was unique and interesting. If you once think about that innocent child your thoughts would never ignore that part of your memory and they would be attached with that. If it happens it would be a success for you as you would be walking in that world which you always want to.
3. Trying not to accept things easily

The main problem with us is that we accept things easily without thinking much about it but it is not a sign of an independent thinker. So to make your thoughts independent you just need to accept things by thinking about them and not by only knowing about them. You know that imagination is the thing that can take you anywhere and it is the most powerful thing you have gotten.

Using your own conscience means, you should not believe people easily just by listening to them but you should think in a different manner and give your views independently. If you do this, your walks would be safer in the world of independent thinking.

4. Trying some spiritual lessons

It does not matter what else religion you follow but I am sure that every religion somehow contains some spiritualties, if not you can read books by famous spiritual pioneers. The most important thing about spiritualism is that it makes you to know yourself. So if one knows himself he can become independent and his thoughts would breathe freely.

It is very difficult for a person to gain wisdom and make his thoughts great, but a simple person can make his thoughts good and that really matters. We are not super humans that we could become great just by thinking something great, but yes many have already done this. And I believe you can do that and thinking does not require another person to be with you. So if you do that your thoughts would be running in the world of liberty.

5. Never deny yourself who you are

Men often do a mistake and that is they always deny themselves for what they really are. But this is falsehood and it can make your thoughts tied in delusions forever. You just need to believe in yourself for what you are as nothing is immoral if it is not hurting others feelings. So you need to have confidence on yourself. If you are small, does not matter because to be great you need to think big and this is the only way to do that.

Focusing on what you are capable of will not only lead you to success but also make you a leader and that is independence of thoughts. If your thoughts become independent you would certainly become a great thing that can create wonderful things may be anything. This is the thing which would make you fly in the world of freedom.